The Ontario

Welcome to The Ontario. It is a privately-owned medium-small spaceship, designed to carry passengers and cargo in relative comfort over the long distances between the various human-occupied planets and moons in the solar system. The Ontario, I've learnt, mostly trucks back and forth between Mars and Earth, occasionally stopping at the Moon on the way. It has twenty-five crew- a fairly large contingent- and at the moment, fifty-five passengers.

The passenger quarters are small, but reasonably pleasant. I've got a tiny little room with porthole to space (!) that joins onto a tiny bathroom that I share with another two people- a man, called Nick and a woman called Henna. This tiny room will be my room for the coming journey. The Package I have put in the room's draw which is keyed to my fingerprint as well as to a password, so it's quite secure.

There's a "mess" (a dining room/kitchen) where meals are served three times a day. There is a gym (although I'm told that the crew run around in the bowels of the ship instead of pacing on a treadmill- I wonder if they would let me do the same). There's a theatre for films, a large lounge complete with a library port, and even a large garden full of vegetables that reminds me a little of Hurricane's greenhouses.

I have to go. Dinner's in a few minutes and I'm starving. I have to figure out where to get food in between meals or I'm going to die of hunger before we get to Earth. There is so much to do and figure out, and explore.

Your Voice from The Ontario ,


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