On the Brink

So here I am, in the final days of my degree. I have seven days before I finish my last exam. I’m sorry to have been away for so long, but school occupied me completely. It’s difficult being this close to the end of something that has filled my life for so long- not only university itself, but school as a whole. I’ve attended school of some kind for almost all of my life, and soon I will be done. I can’t really get my head around not starting a new set of classes come the new year.

Education really is the keystone of our society. It’s a rite of passage to attend that first day of school, regardless of if it’s a group of scientists’ children out on some remote ice-cap base or at some gigantic city school, serving thousands of eager youngsters. Whatever our parents teach us, and whatever school fails to teach us, our education is common ground for many people. Coming to a university or a college or some other higher level institution, we are united by our memories of the schools we attended. A school is a school, a teacher is a teacher, an assignment is an assignment.

And now, to have that be all over, it really is the end of an era. I suppose I could extend it, and head off into academia, but I feel that using graduate level education as a way to avoid ‘real life’ is a poor reason to pursue it.

So here I stand, at the brink of ‘real life’, with the structure that has guided my life until now rapidly evaporating. An exhilarating but terrifying place to stand.

Speaking of which, news on employment is mostly that of rejection. The MNS got back to me immediately, saying thank you for my application, but many qualified people submitted their resumes and… well, it was a long shot. Redbird Travel and Personal Courier Services I haven’t heard from at all- not a good sign considering how long ago I applied. The Museum, however, is the spark of good news- they’ve asked me in for an interview next week. It’s not my ideal job, but at least I have a chance at being employed. (Maybe if they don’t hire me I can apply at the door museum, heh).

I’ve really got little more to say at this time. Once I recover my brain from its indentured servitude to the university, I will be philosophical for you. Until then, you will have to be content with factual information.

Your student,